Sunday, 13 February 2011

Angela Kane's Pencil Skirt

This is a denim skirt using Angela Kane's pencil skirt pattern  I shortened the skirt which meant I could leave out the back vent.  I also made the waistband bigger, effectively doubling the side of the pattern piece.  I also added the optional pockets, both on the front and back.  I changed the shape of the front pocket by making the bottom edge of the pocket flat.    I used a lightweight denim.  On my first fitting I thought that it would benefit from being lined and so I had my first go ever at lining a skirt!  I used the black lining out of an old shift dress I was going to sell / throw away.   It took a look of thinking and figuring out and I eventually got there with a lot of help from this excellent Threads video

I thought the waistband would be long enough for it to lap over the left so I could do my first buttonhole but it wasn't long enough.  It fitted exactly the width of the skirt, so I sewed in a metal clasp instead.  If I do this again I will either make the waistband longer so it flaps over the left or I will leave as it is and insert a longer zip that covers the waistband as well.  (I also know next time to check how long the waistband is before I start making up the skirt!).   I really enjoyed all the topstitching.  Angela Kane's Pinafore Dress videos on You Tube are very helpful for this skirt and she tells you how to do the pockets and the topstitching.   I did my own embroidery on the pockets.  I traced over a design of a stick girl I found on the internet and traced it on.  I started to hand sew it but then I thought it would take too long so I actually ended up machine sewing the embroidered design!  I went really slowly, putting the machine on half speed and sewing one stitch at a time.   It came out better than I thought but it took me ages to tie up all the loose ends at the back.  All in all I am really pleased with my skirt.  I finished it on Friday and wore it out yesterday!

I am also wearing a black pair of leggings I made using another of Angela Kane's patterns.  I have made three pairs in total - one blue, one pinky brown and one black (as above).  I have already written about the blue leggings (my first leggings) on my Burda Style page

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