Sunday, 20 March 2011

My Fabric Fridays

Sewing fans will need no introduction to the "me-made"months organised by Zoe.  The challenge is to wear at least one item of hand-stitched clothing / accessory / jewellery during the month.  So far there has been Me-Made-May, Self-Stitched September and they are currently mid-way through Me-Made-March.

These groups have been a bit of a revelation to me.  I am amazed at how many things some people have made.   They have made more than enough to keep them going through the entire month and no doubt more.   One major reason why I can't participate in these groups at present is that I don't have enough handmade stuff.   I am also supposed to wear "a suit" for work (although I only have two suits that I actually wear and the rest of the time I wear shift dresses with cardigans ).   The things I have made so far have not been work clothes but more casual weekend wear (eg my denim skirt) or smart evening wear (eg my Pendrell).

However we do have a "dress down Friday" on the first Friday of each month.  My own little challenge has been to see if I can wear at least one hand-stitched item on these days.  This is a slightly more achievable challenge for me given the type of thing I am currently making.   I have decided to document the progress of my dress down days.  I'll also give it a name - "My Fabric Fridays".

Here's what I have managed so far:

7 January 2011

I wore my black denim pinafore dress with a little plum red cardigan.  Here is a picture of the Angela Kane pinafore dress that I posted on Burdastyle.  Obviously I wasn't posing away like this in work:

4 February 2011

I wore my Angela Kane short sleeved jersey dress with my Angela Kane black leggings (which I love) and a black cardigan.  Here is a picture of the jersey dress that I posted on Burdastyle (with a blue sash that I made).

Here is a picture of the leggings with my denim skirt that I posted again on Burdastyle.

4 March 2011

I had a client meeting.  One of the rules of dress down Friday at work is that we don't dress down if we are seeing clients.  This has to over-rule my little challenge I'm afraid!

Apart from March (for which I had an excuse) I have so far managed to keep up with this challenge.  I have made a few more things since February so I should be well stocked for future months.

I am currently finishing off a Jersey top I am making out of remnants of Jersey fabric that I had left over from my leggings projects.

Happy sewing everyone.

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