Friday, 13 May 2011

My Fabric Friday for May

Another update on My Fabric Friday challenge for May.  This is where I try and wear some of my hand stitched clothes to work on Dress Down Fridays.  Dress Down Fridays happens on the first Friday of each month.   The last one was on 6 May 2011 and here is a picture of what I wore, snapped when I got home.

I wore my Forever Skirt which had just been finished by that point.  It did crease a lot after a day of sitting at a desk so the snap includes all that.  I wore a black Jersey top that I bought from Topshop in winter 2009 and a Paul Smith waistcoat (which you can't really make out in the picture) that I bought in October 2007 from Bicester shopping village.

It's now nearly half way through the year and I have so far kept up with the challenge.  It has actually been an easy one as I have made a conscious effort to sew wearable items.  You won't see an endless stream of party dresses around here because that's not what I wear most of the time.  What I want at the moment are nice tops to wear with jeans, nice skirts and maybe the odd dress.  The weather is warming up now so I am trying to make some nice tee shirts, a summer skirt and maybe a dress.  I would like to make some more knitwear, like my Burda wrap top, but there doesn't seem to be any knit material in the fabric shop at present.  We still wear cardigans in the summer so I don't know why this is.

In fact I think that every weekend this year so far, and during time I have had off work, I have worn at least one hand stitched item.   The three pairs of leggings I made have been a godsend for this as I have worn them under a lot of the clothes I have made and on their own with a top and a long cardigan.   I actually look forward to getting dressed at the weekend now and choosing from my hand stitched clothes.  (I keep them all in a wardrobe in my sewing room in a dry cleaning holder - they are treated with love and care I have to say!).   I always iron my clothes now and any ready to wear item worn  with it.  I hardly ever used to iron anything I'm ashamed to say.

Not much else to report at the moment except to say that I am loving my new sewing room.   I'm about to head up there now in fact for some late Friday night sewing.

Happy weekend!

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