Sunday, 12 June 2011

Jade Crescent Skirt

I have now finished my Crescent Skirt.  Without further ado here are the pictures.

I used the wonderful Crescent skirt pattern from Sewaholic.  I followed Tasia's sew-a-long posts which are clearly written and illustrated with lots of photos.   She answers all questions left on the comments sections if there is anything you are unclear on.  I always read all the comments as they often have useful tips, tricks and links from other sewers.

Following my muslin (which I posted a couple of weeks ago) I cut out a size 12 which needed no alterations apart from lengthening it.  I ended up using lots of techniques on this skirt.  I did french seams on the side seams, back seams and the pockets.  I did a lot of topstitching and ended up topstitching nearly every possible edge apart from the bottom of the hem.  I also topstitched the side seams!  I used a linen blend and so the fabric is quite thick.  The topstitching helped to flatten the seams at the waistband and skirt joining seams.

The waistband has ended up being quite structured.  Both the front waistband and the waistband facings are interfaced.  As my fabric is quite thick there are quite a few layers.  My "one size fits all" interfacing may not have been suitable for so many layers and Tasia recommends a very soft interfacing. One option to reduce the layers is to interface the facing only.  You end up stitching the interfacing to the front waistband anyway so I think this would work and produce a softer waistband.

Once I had attached the waistband and the facing, with all the layers, I felt that the skirt needed a lining.  I was going to follow Tasia's slip tutorial but I decided against a slip for the skirt.  Firstly I was worried it would ride up and peek out of the top of the skirt (as there is a little bit of room around the waist).  Secondly with all the layers on the waistband I didn't want yet another layer under the waistband.  I then hit upon the idea of adding a lining "after the event" on the skirt only.  I didn't use the skirt pattern pieces I just measured the width of the skirt, doubled it and added on a bit extra, and then measured the length I wanted (which ended up being about 2 to 3 inches above the hem).  It was then relatively easy to sew in the lining to the seam that joins the waistband and the skirt.  Attaching it to the zip was a bit more challenging but I did what I could with the sewing machine and then finished by hand.  I then sewed up the back seam of the lining.  No side seams on the lining as it was all one piece!  The lining is lovely and soft.  I can't remember exactly what fabric it is but it is soft and luxurious.

I couldn't face hand sewing the hem like Tasia did so I used the blind hem foot for the second time on a project.  It was very easy and it has turned out pretty much invisible from the front.  The cotton I used was also an exact match.

The thing I love about Tasia's sew-a-longs is that you feel you are making a quality garment.  I have never used twill tape before.   This pattern uses it on the pocket openings and the waist edge.  I love it.  With that and the interfacing, the finished skirt has a lot of structure.

I was going to topstitch around the bottom of the hem, but I didn't want to take the chance to ruin it at the last post.

I love the finished skirt.  I can see me making more of these.  I think I will start by unpicking my muslin and turning it into a final skirt.

Happy sewing.

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