Saturday, 9 July 2011

Blue Polka Dot Crescent Skirt

I've now finished my third Crescent Skirt!  Here are the pictures.

Being number three, there's not too much I can say that hasn't been said already. I didn't need to follow the sew along instructions and I just had to refer to the (excellent) pattern instructions.   This is again a size 12 and the only alteration was the skirt length - I added about an inch.  I did French seams again, and interfaced only the skirt facings.

I have started a new method of sewing waistbands and hems.  Nothing fancy, but I now sew these parts one section at a time, tie off and then start the next section.  About four parts in all. This was something our needlework teacher in school told us to do.  The reason is simple.  If it comes apart the whole lot won't unravel at once.  This isn't the only benefit.  I've found this a more methodical approach and much easier to manage in small sections. I recently read somewhere (on a blog, I can't remember where) that someone's grandmother used to tell her to do this, saying it was lazy just to use one long piece of thread.   Grandmothers know what they're talking about!

I made the same mistake as last time and sewed the waistband the wrong way so the point was facing up!  Luckily my new method of sewing in sections meant I noticed this after the first quarter was sewn so I only had a small section to undo!  Another advantage!

After my green polka dot Crescent (I keep typing Pendrell instead of Crescent!) I fancied a blue polka dot one.  The actual dots are smaller than I would have liked but this was the only one in this shade of blue.  I love the fun nature of the print and the skirt.  That's the great thing about making your own, you can use fun prints that you wouldn't normally see in the shops.

We're now in mid July and bar last weekend we haven't had a lot of sunny days so far this summer.  I'm sure there will be some on the way so I now have three Crescent skirts to wear! I am now short of tops to wear with them.  I have been wearing the same white top with this skirt.   My next project is a t-shirt so I'm trying to close the gap.

This is the first time I have repeated a pattern.  I have to say it does get easier.  In fact I'm not really looking forward to starting another one from scratch again.  I've got used to just reaching for my  Crescent pattern lately.

Happy sewing.