Friday, 1 July 2011

My Fabric Friday for July

It's the first Friday of the month again and so time to update my Fabric Friday challenge.   This is where I wear a hand stitched item to work on Dress Down Friday which happens once a month.  Here's what I wore today.

This is my beach top worn with jeans and a stripey vest which is how I always wear this top in fact.  I speculated in May's Fabric Friday update that we would be in the midst of summer by now.   Well it doesn't exactly feel like it at the moment.  We had lovely weather on Sunday and Monday but it's been fairly cold the rest of the week.   This outfit was fine inside the office today which is a bit like a greenhouse when the sun gets on it.  I was a bit chilly when I went out at lunchtime.  It was really comfortable though and I enjoyed wearing this today.

I can see a pattern emerging here - I reach for my jeans a lot on these days!  Not a problem - I like jeans.  I just need to sew more tops to wear with them.   One of the reasons I like this top is it's white.  I find a white top instantly gives most outfits a lift.  I may be sewing more white tops in the future.

I've had a really hard week.  I had a deadline on Thursday which took me away from home for two nights staying in a hotel.  It was only supposed to be one night but turned into two.  I only had one change of clothes so had to wear the same clothes on the second day!   I got back at around 1am last night.  Like a clock watcher I left at 5 pm on the dot today!  This will be the first time in three weeks I haven't had to work on a Saturday!

I'm sewing my third Crescent skirt at the moment.  I wasn't able to do anything on the skirt this week.  I'm glad I managed to cut out the pieces last Sunday.  This means I can get started with the fun parts later on today.

I just love weekends but who doesn't?  No matter how hard your week there's always a Friday night and a weekend to cheer you up.

Happy sewing.

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