Sunday, 28 August 2011

Velour T-Shirt

This is my second make of this Burda T-shirt.  Here are the pictures.

I used Burda pattern 120 from the June 2011 issue - see my first make here.  I now have some velour stretch fabric in my stash, as recommended in the pattern, so I was looking forward to using it.  I thought my first make of this t-shirt was too baggy so I took it in and made it more fitted.  It is slightly too small now but never mind.   I actually finished this before I started my Angela Kane shift dress but have only got around to photographing it.  I also noticed that one sleeve was slightly longer than the other.  I therefore unpicked the hem today and lined them both up.  Note for future sleeves - get the tape measure out and make sure the hems match!

I did actually make a third t-shirt after this one in the same fabric.  I am not sure why but I decided to make it even tighter!  Needless to say it is way too tight so I haven't worn it.  I think at that point I was fed up with them having made 3 t-shirts none of which I was totally happy with.  That was also one of the reasons why I chose the 2 pattern piece shift dress for my next project.  I wanted something easy!  Sewing can be trying sometimes.  Anyway having come back to the top a few weeks later I  have warmed to it a bit more.   I have worn it a couple of times since I made it and I will get wear out of it.  

I think this is likely to be the last summer garment for this year.    I haven't got around to starting my Lonsdale dress.  Unless I make a winter version that will probably have to wait for next year now.

I am currently working on another shift dress with a Peter pan collar.   I was pleased with how my muslin turned out so I hope that can translate to the finished project as well!

It's the long bank holiday this weekend so it is nice to write a Sunday evening post knowing that I have a day off work tomorrow!

Happy sewing.

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