Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Navy Blue Banksia ... and sewing presents!

Here is my second version of the wonderful Banksia top from Megan Nielsen patterns.

Hands down my favourite outfit with this top is the one matched with my mustard petal skirt. I'll let you into a secret though - my hand is holding up the skirt in this photo! No the snaps haven't fallen off due to shoddy sewing. Rather I need to move the hook and eye bars in a good inch to get a more fitted look around the waist. I'm not good at mending but this particular fix is high on my list so I can wear this outfit!

I did everything exactly the same as in the first make of this top except I interfaced the collar.  This fabric is very fine with a good drape and still the rather heavy weight interfacing I have works well.  (My last post explains why I didn't interface the collar on my first make. Even thought that one has turned out fine I won't be repeating the non-interfacing of a collar, particularly one like this which needs some structure).

The fabric dates all the way back to February 2011 when it was used as the under lining for my Pendrell blouse.  I knew as soon as I saw Megan's blue version of this top that I wanted to use this fabric to make the top.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. I had a quiet one with my boyfriend which was lovely. Just chilling, watching TV and eating.  (How did I manage to eat a whole Terry's chocolate orange?).   We also entertained ourselves over this half eaten turkey for sale on ebay.  If you're in the Llandudno area of Wales then you'll have to hurry as the sale ends in 4 hours!  We were thinking of questions we could ask the seller: "Will you post that?"  "What flavour stuffing is it?" etc etc!

Now onto the lovely present I got from my boyfriend.  Gertie's new sewing book!

I got to choose my book.  My main sewing wish is a book about linings but as that costs around £60 it'll have to be a wish for a while longer.  Without hesitation I chose Gertie's book.  I've read lots of reviews and I knew I wanted to make the wiggle dress.

I wasn't expecting too much. I'm a bit "sewing booked out" with my Colette book, Burdastyle sewing handbook and many others.  My goodness the book does not disappoint! It's extremely engaging.  I'll be  reading the section about techniques and I hope to make more than just the wiggle dress.  I mainly love the value for money. It comes with ten patterns (which I didn't realise - I assumed there would be five like the Colette and Burdastyle books).

The illustrations in the book are gorgeous.  Look at these - they make you want to rush out to find the same fabric.

Here are some of my favourite patterns that I hope to make.

Pencil Skirt

Bow tied blouse

Sweetheart sundress (though I'll probably straighten the neckline)

Wiggle dress

Finally I don't have much need for this dress but I still love this variation of the sundress:

Happy sewing!


  1. Ooh, looking forward to seeing what you make from Gertie's book! It's so fun to read, isn't it?

    1. It really is a great book. I love it! It's funny, but I've read some snobby reviews about the book from some quarters. Things like "oh if you have Claire Shaeffer's book you won't learn anything new here". Well I have that book and I'll still learn loads from this book!

  2. Oh, I LOVE the look of Gertie's book- the illustrations are soo beautiful. I want it someday when I've whittled down my massive to-make list, lol.
    Your banksia is sweet and I love the combo of the navy and mustard!

    1. Thanks Johanna. I thought I wouldn't be the only one to drool over the illustrations! I'm really looking forward to making these patterns!