Saturday, 22 December 2012

Polka Dot Darling Ranges

I've finished my second Darling Ranges dress! I finished it ages ago actually but haven't had a chance to photograph it.  Not least because it's been freezing around here, even inside the house. I wanted to wear it for Christmas though so this was the shove I needed to get it photographed.

Anyway voici les photos:

With a Cardi

On the hanger

Blurry close up of the placket and neckline detail

This is my second make of this pattern from Megan Nielsen. The first one is here.  I did everything the same as before except for two small things.

First I noticed that I hadn't transferred the changes from my muslin to the pattern correctly after my first make. Essentially the armholes and sleeves should have been 1 cm smaller.  I corrected the pattern to accommodate this so the sleeves are now slightly more fitted around the armholes.  

Second, I didn't use the set-in sleeve method. I used the one where the sleeve seam and the side seam on the dress are sewn up in one go. I think this is how the Renfrew and Minoru are sewn but I was already familiar with the method from the Angela Kane shirt videos I have.  

I have to say the sleeves on my first Darling Ranges are slightly more comfortable - which must be due to that extra ease.  If I were to make the pattern again I'd have to think about whether to change the sleeves back! 

I bought this fabric in the summer, at the same time as the fabric used on my first Darling Ranges.  A certain well known blogger called Tilly is known for her love of chocolate brown polka dot (see here and here).  She must have influenced me more than I thought!

I absolutely love this dress and this pattern.  I can't wait to start wearing it now. I have a thing about not wearing my handmades until they've been photographed for the blog! I think because knowing me I'd never get around to doing this once it had been worn and washed. 

I've also finished two Banksia's so I'm hoping to get those up on the blog this year.  I photographed them at the same time as this one so it's just a matter of writing up the posts. They weren't plain sailing so the posts won't be short!  

I'm also working on another pattern at the moment in my favourite fabric, denim. I'm really excited about how it's looking so far.

I've enjoyed reading everyone's top 5 posts. I'm planning at some point to do a round up of what exactly out of my hand mades gets worn.  I always find these posts interesting so I'm looking forward to doing that.  Whenever that may be. The renovations I've been doing are ongoing (my boyfriend's estimate of one month was way off!). 

A little housekeeping note. Google Friend direct is doing funny things when I try to follow a blog.  It won't let me unless I link this blog to the email address I used to set the blog up. The problem is that not everyone who has that email address knows about this sewing blog so I'm not happy to just link it. This is also a problem for commenting on a Blogger blog that I'm not already following on GFC. I can't use Open ID unless I link it. So I can't comment unless the Blogger has Disqus or it's a Wordpress blog (as I've set up accounts for both of those).  Why do they have to change things? I think Blogger and Google and going to merge at some point so I'll have to address this at some point. Lord knows how but in the meantime I can't use Google Friend connect!

Finally I want to say a little thank you to everyone who reads, follows and comments on the blog.  I love each comment, follow and page click I get so thank you so much! Sorry to the people who were looking for Angela Lonsdale, the actress, rather than the Lonsdale dress. I hope I didn't inconvenience your searches too much!

Happy Christmas all! 


  1. How cute! Love this on you!

    1. Thanks gingermakes! I forgot to put my necklace on for this shoot. It looked nice with this dress.