Monday, 7 October 2013

Tutorial: Finishing the hem and plackets on the Minoru Jacket

UPDATE from 6 June 2014: My cloud storage has now changed from Rapidshare to Dropbox.  I have adjusted the links below to Dropbox.  Any problems let me know.  Katy.

This tutorial shows how I adapted my tutorial on hemming a lined skirt with a placket (seen here) to finish off the hem and lining on the Minoru jacket from Sewaholic Patterns. The main differences to that tutorial are the use of a hem facing and the hem is attached to the lining instead of free hanging.

The instructions to the Minoru jacket use a different method which you can see here.

Here is a picture of the inside of the jacket:

and of the finished jacket:

On my jacket I added storm flaps to the front of the jacket (tutorial here). That tutorial links to this one at the appropriate place. This tutorial works equally well without the storm flaps and with the zip plackets as per the original Minoru pattern. Just ignore the references to storm flaps as you will be finishing the zip plackets with no storm flaps added.

The tutorial can be downloaded from this link. The link takes you to Dropbox. Just click the download tab.

UPDATE on 6 June 2014: I tested the link today and it downloaded quickly for me, no more than 2 minutes. 

Happy sewing.


  1. Thanks for sharing, girl! Your jacket looks so tidy and neat!