Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 Hits and Misses

I debated about whether to do an end of year review. I haven't made enough to do a list of 5 hits and misses. I've logged eight completed items on the blog this year. I also made two other items but I won't include them as they won't meaning anything if I haven't posted about them.

I really like Gillian's idea with the top 5 lists. We can use this cute little button and change the rules to suit ourselves.

Instead of doing top 5 lists I will talk about the “hits and misses” with what I've made this year. What I like, what I love, what I don't like and what hasn't worked. I enjoyed putting this together and hopefully it will help me to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

If you want to read more about any of the items please follow the links from the Finished Projects tab at the top.

Burda slip dress

The good.

  • The colour. The white is neutral and versatile.
  • The fabric. It's soft and lovely to touch.
  • The fit. I was surprised at how well this fit with little alteration. With my odd shape I was expecting a lingerie item to take longer.
  • The finish.  The “turned-under” vintage seam finish takes a bit more effort but is totally worth it.

The not so good?

  • The straps. Some form of elasticated strap would be good. When I sit down I can feel them digging in my shoulders.
  • General thoughts. I've worn my first Darling Ranges dress loads since this was completed. I haven't worn it with anything else though.  This is probably because most of my garments are already lined but it's nice to know I have a slip if I need one.

Denim Wiksten Skirt

The good:

  • The colour and fabric. Denim. No further explanation necessary. I need to make more denim skirts. I have 3 at the moment. Maybe a Beignet or a Ginger?
  • The fit. This is good but I've always found skirts easier to fit. A bit of adjusting at the side seams is all that is usually needed.
  • The vintage seam finish. See above.
  • My additions: pockets, belt loops and longer ties. They make a superior skirt in my opinion. I'm usually alright with leaving pockets off dresses but somehow skirts need pockets in my humbles.
Misses? None that I can think of.

  • General thoughts.  Next to my Royal Blue Minoru jacket this has to be one of this year's most worn garments. I'm wearing it now with my stripy Rendrew top. I added a lining to the skirt which was the basis of my first tutorial. I've just noticed the tutorial now appears as a “popular post” in the side bar. Nice to see a 2013 post there among the mainly 2011 posts.  My side bar is a constant reminder of my Peter Pan collar phase.

Light Blue Wiksten Skirt

  • Hits and misses? Very much the same as the Denim version.
  • General thoughts.  I haven't worn this skirt as much as the denim one. This is mainly because I haven't found anything to wear it with other than the blue jumper that I wore on the photo shoot. I did wear my White Banksia with it a couple of times. As an interlude I would now downgrade my Banksias to misses. They were hits in my 2012 list. The slightest bit of bending over means a whole lot of flashing. Not what you want to worry about when wearing a garment. Purely for that reason I would now consider them fails. Such a pity because I love the tops and so want to wear them in real life.

Royal Blue Minoru Jacket

The Good.

  • My changes: the length, the fully lined patch pockets, the interlining and inferfacing of the whole jacket for warmth and the storm flaps.   
  • This jacket gets worn every weekend so it must be a hit. I wore this coat to work today as my usual one was at the dry cleaners. One of my lovely colleagues saw it hanging up and asked if I got a new coat for Christmas! She wasn't expecting me to say I'd made it! (Ha ha – that's the first time that's happened to me!).

The not so good? 

  • The colour and fabric. I love the colour but I sometimes wish it was plain black like my first one.
  • The fabric isn't great but I can't expect miracles with Ikea curtain fabric. The same fabric type worked well with my first Minoru. I think the jacket just needs bedding in more to loosen it up a bit. I did interface and interline the entire jacket so this presently adds to the stiffness.
  • The sleeves. I've never had a ready to wear coat (or ready to wear anything for that matter) that properly fitted my long arms. Why oh why then did I not make the sleeves longer? Why didn't I notice this at the muslin stage?

French Hat Box Dress

The good.

  • The colour and fabric. It's lovely and soft. The neutral colour detracts from what could otherwise be considered a garish print (by my “un-garish standards” anyway).
  • The lining. The same fabric as my slip dress so soft and lovely to wear.
  • The zipper finish. With this make I perfected my zipper and lining insertion technique.
  • The rub-off method. Although this was a long and, at times, impossible process, with a lot of winging it, I'm glad I tried it. The method opens up so many possibilities and I definitely want to try it again.

The not so good?

  • The final muslin fit much better than the finished make. I know the reason for the skirt being bigger (my mistake) but I can't figure out why the bodice ended up larger as I transferred all my adjustments.
  • General thoughts. Despite my niggle with the fit, this dress is definitely a hit. I also made a version in blue. Both dresses were worn a lot this year.

Red Skater Dress

Hits and misses:

  • The colour. I love the colour but for me it is more of an evening dress. I wore it to the supermarket once and it felt so bright under the harsh light!
  • The fabric. Not a great quality but it's lovely and soft so it doesn't bother me.
  • The fit and style. I love the fit and flare silhouette. There may be more 50s style dresses in my future – a style I haven't yet tried. I'm glad I took the time to get the fit right on this Renfrew modification. Particularly in getting the bodice to stop at my waist. I could have settled for the half hearted dropped waist look of my first muslin but I didn't.
  • The skirt length. With this particular style, I don't know if it's the stretch fabric, but I prefer the shorter length of my blue skater dress. I've received compliments on the length so this is not a major issue and I still love the dress.

Blue Skater Dress

Cut and paste everything above about the Red Skater Dress, except there are fewer negatives with this one. The colour is not so loud and I love the skirt length.

Sugar Plum

Hits and misses.

  • The fabric and colour. I love the blouse fabric, the peachy colour and the print. It goes surprisingly well with the black skirt. It reminds me of a frothy milk shake or an ice cream sundae and so goes well with the dress name!
  • The fit. My only niggle is the sleeves. After my hacking they are now a bit restricting. It is only noticeable when I raise my arms (as in the hands on hip poses in the photo shoot). However, I'm not going to be rock climbing in this dress (or standing around with my hands on hips) so it's not a major issue.
  • The skirt lining. I wish I could cope with a wool skirt right next to tights but I can't so lining is essential for me. The lining defeats the point of the stretch skirt slightly. Maybe I can find a stretchy lining in future? Again this isn't a huge problem. I didn't make the skirt as fitted as the design intends so I can still move about and sit down comfortably.


I'm surprised I got a whole blog post talking about these few items. Although I only made a few things, I took my time with what I did make. I think this is why I am happy with all my makes this year. There's nothing on the list that I don't want to wear. On the whole it's been a successful year.

I don't have any immediate sewing plans. After the Sugar Plum I'm not yet ready to dive into another pattern. I bought some lovely fabric on eBay and I'm thinking of making another Burda top with it. I've made three of these tops now and they get worn all the time for work with a suit. If it ain't broke don't fix as they say. I think the top would be a perfect showcase for the fabric plus it will be a nice easy make after the challenges I've set myself this year!

Thank you to my lovely readers for following along with me throughout the year.

I hope you have a happy 2014. I'm sipping wine at the moment and and about to have some Tiramasu!

See you soon.



  1. I love this post...it is so true that there are things we like and dont like about everything we make. And yes there is stretch lining! If it is hard to find use swimsuit lining...I do it all the time...works perfectly!

    1. I really enjoyed doing this post and it is so true. The skirt is the only think I didn't have any niggles with, but that is probably because there is less to make than with a dress or a coat! Swimsuit lining - what a great idea! I'll definitely look into this as I'm not confident about finding stretch lining in my local fabric shops.

  2. You take your time and it gets results! So much success for you. One day I hope to get my head around your lining methods cos they look so good. Well done on a great sewing year :)

    1. So true. I had something on the go for most of last year so I hope I can continue that next year. I actually look forward to sewing the zip and lining now on my projects. It is a bit time consuming but worth the effort! Thank you and happy 2014 to you!