Saturday, 12 February 2011

Diary of sewing addict!

Hi and welcome to my first post.   I dusted off my sewing machine in the summer of 2010 having not opened it (let alone used it) for over 14 years.  Inside I found my Visa slip from 1996 (pre-digital of course - the ones where your card went in a contraption that slid over and printed out your card details on the slip).   After a bit of messing around I discovered to my delight that it still worked and could actually make things.  Since then I have become a sewing fan and have made quite a few good things (and a couple of duds, albeit wearable ones).

I have a profile on BurdaStyle where I have already posted a few of my finished projects.   I work full-time in a demanding job and I have found that sewing is a brilliant way to completely switch off from work.  You become totally absorbed in what you are doing.  Other sewers love listening to music while sewing.  I love listening to Radio 4 while sewing (I love Radio 4 almost as much as sewing).

I am not a quick sewer, I sew at the weekends around doing other things and will sometimes grab the odd hour after I return from work.  However, I'm not worried about that.   What's the rush?  There's no rush.   If you start to rush then the fun of sewing may go away.   If I am ever inclined to rush or cut corners I just remember Angela Kane's words on one of her shirt tutorials: "This is couture not factory sewing".   Music to the ears of someone who likes to take their time to do a job properly!

Anyway I thought I would start this diary to document the progress of some of my sewing projects.   Sorry no pictures as I haven't worked out how to post them yet!

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