Sunday, 6 March 2011

Finished Pendrell

As mentioned in my Pendrell Update post I have been working on an underlined version of the Pendrell blouse from Sewaholic patterns.  It is now finished and here are the photos: 

I made the ruffle version and I love the result.   Thank you so much to Tasia for her genius pattern and for suggesting and doing underlining in her sew-a-long.  The underlining has turned this into a luxurious garment with the added bonus of being soft and lovely to wear.  

The blouse was easy to sew up.  I love the princess seams which give it a very different feel.  I can see it working as a Pendrell dress by lengthening it.  Something I may do in the future.

I only had to do a minor alteration changing the hip size down one.   I cheated a bit with with the ruffles and I had to sew some of them down.  As the fabric is chiffon they were sticking up a bit!  The sleeves were also huge and I know others have had issues with the sleeves.  Unfortunately I didn't find this out until I had sewn in the sleeves.  I didn't want to unpick them so I have kind of taken them in and tacked them in place inside the blouse.  If I make this pattern again I will definitely fit the sleeves for size before sewing them in.   I will also cut the sleeves in a smaller size given the amount I have taken in.  

The self-fabric neck and arm binding is brilliant.  I used the chiffon fabric for the binding in the end.  I ended up using 2 pieces of chiffon for the neck binding and one piece on each of the armholes.   The neck binding didn't really need 2 pieces of chiffon and the armholes are perfectly fine with one piece.   I have used the Pendrell neck binding pattern piece for the neck binding on the Jersey top I am currently making.

I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone thinking of doing it.   

Happy sewing and have a good week.  

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