Saturday, 23 April 2011

Here comes the sun

We are having a week of lovely weather in the UK so this short sleeved top is finished just in time.

I used pattern number 113 from the April 2011 edition of Burda magazine.   I wanted something easy to make and this did the trick.  

A couple of weeks ago I looked through the Yellow Pages to see if I could find other dress fabric shops near me.  I found one in Reepham Road, Norwich.  It was a wonderful shop in a small, very old fashioned looking shopping centre.  It was more like an indoor market than a shopping centre and I was practically the only shopper in the whole place on the Saturday afternoon I went.  This fabric immediately caught my eye together with a red linen next to it so I bagged them both.  This fabric wasn't labelled and the woman said it was viscose.   I know from wikipedia that this is a man made fibre which is also called rayon.   The term rayon doesn't seem to be used much in the UK (at least in the fabric shops I've been to).  Tasia recommended rayon for the Pendrell blouse and I can see why.  It's soft and drapey and perfect for a blouse.

I didn't have any major mishaps with this blouse and it was easy to make.  I got a bit confused about the facings.  I added a seam allowance to the facings pattern piece but I wasn't sure if you had too.  The fabric was too soft for a facing so I ended up removing the seam allowance from the facing and incorporating it into the bias binding.  I lengthened the top so I could tuck it in but I think the top would work well cropped just below the waist so that it can just be worn loose over a skirt, jeans etc.

I am wearing it with an old H&M skirt I have which gives the outfit a more casual look.   I was gardening in this skirt earlier in the year so the top has rescued the skirt from that fate!

I have gone from a straightforward project to a very difficult one which I am working on at the moment.  It is fair to say I am having problems with it.   I really want it to work so I will be looking at more tutorials on the subject today.

Happy sewing.

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