Saturday, 16 April 2011

What we wore

I love looking at old photos especially photos with people in.   It doesn't matter if they are family photos, people I don't know or famous people.   I will look at them all - anything from a different era will do.  They don't even have to be that ancient - pictures from the 1990s are interesting.  I love seeing what was worn in the pictures and scanning all the background details like the car in the background or ornaments on a shelf.  (I always make sure I photograph my cars now, something I wish I had done with my first car - a black mini and my trusted Fiat Uno that I drove for years!).

Which brings me onto the term "vintage clothing".  The wiki definition of vintage clothing is anything from the 1920s to the 1980s.  I have also seen it defined as anything over at least 15 years old.   Anything before the 1920s is antique clothing.

With that definition in mind I thought I would share some of the "vintage clothing" that I have knocking around.  There won't be many posts on this as my bag of vintage clothing is very small.  It didn't occur to me to keep a larger selection of clothing to look back on in the future.  It is weird to think that some of these items are considered vintage, especially things like T shirts that I knocked about in on the beach.

First up is something my mum wore.

This is a floor length corduroy skirt and a purple top dating from the early 1970s.  I don't know what material the top is but it is very crinkly and stretchy.   The skirt doesn't have a label (except for a dry clean only one) and the top is from Etam.   I remember shopping at Etam.   Thanks to wikipedia I now know that this shop disappeared from the High Street in August 2005 (see wikipedia link).  It used to be Tammy Girl and then Tammy.  I must admit I thought Etam had morphed into River Island.  Apparently not.  River Island used to be Chelsea Girl until 1988 (see wikipedia link).   I do remember Chelsea Girl and the switchover to River Island, often described as a more upmarket Chelsea Girl.

I remember my mum wearing this to dinner parties in the 1970s.  She must have been teeny - I can't get the skirt past my thighs now.  I did wear this outfit to two fancy dress parties in the 1990s and even then I was struggling to get into it.   I remember at the second party there were other people wearing Abigail's Party type flared jumpsuits as 1970s clothing, an obvious pastiche of that style.  I had to explain that these were actual 1970s clothes in case people thought I wasn't dressing up!

On to other news.   I bought a wonderful sewing book by Alison Smith:

I used Karen's method for book buying (from Did You Make That) to good effect.  I browsed the book in my local store where the cover price was £25 and then ordered it from Amazon for £14.39.  I did buy the Vogue book of sewing a couple of months back but I felt I needed a few more visual step by step guides like this:

I have developed a fondness for burda magazine patterns (I am working on a burda top at the moment) but the instructions are atrocious.  I want to make a skirt from the magazine with pockets and I didn't want to start doing something like that without more visual aids so I decided to splash out on the book.  I can't wait to begin using the book in practice!

Happy Saturday everyone.

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