Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Crescent Skirt Progress

I've started making the Crescent skirt at last.  I am also doing my first ever muslin with this project, following Tasia's sew along tutorials.  I am using some quite nice material so if it fits OK I may unpick it eventually and sew it properly.   I traced out the pattern on Sunday and cut out the pieces yesterday (Monday).  After arriving home late from work I decided to start sewing the waistaband at 11.20 pm as I was quite excited to get started.  I finished just after midnight.

How nice it is to use large stitches and not finish the seams and tie off the threads as you go along.  It is so fast.

I had to laugh when I realised that I sewed up the back seam as well.  That's midnight sewing for you.  Not a problem with size 5 stitching though.  One yank and the seam was undone!

I am quite excited to see the final muslin now.

Yawn.  Better go to sleep now.  Night night.

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