Thursday, 26 May 2011

More Crescent Skirt Progress

More late night sewing on my Crescent skirt muslin.   I sewed the pocket bags on my Crescent skirt, gathered the skirt panels and sewed the side seams.

Tasia gave out a simple but nifty tip on gathering on her sew-along.  Put a pin on the thread ends you are not pulling and wind the threads around the pin so they stay put.  Genius - who would have thought of doing that?  Forget knots or just leaving the threads untied and hoping for the best.  However you do have to put the pins on both sides and tie the top and bobbin threats around the pins.  I found this out to my cost when I gathered and ended up pulling the threads out.  No worries - I just pulled it all out and repeated the gathering.

I decided to leave sewing the waistband to the skirt until tomorrow.  One thing I would recommend doing is marking which is the centre seam of the back skirt panels (or remember to mark the notch which I didn't do).  Once they are both gathered the two sides look much the same.  It was difficult to tell which was the side of the skirt and which was the centre.  I hope I've done it right.

Nearly midnight now.  Night night.

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