Sunday, 1 May 2011

New sewing room!

I have now joined the ranks of sewers with a dedicated sewing room.  Here are some pictures (taken before any sewing action):

We have lived in this house over 4 years now and until yesterday this room was a box room storing junk.  All the junk is now tucked away in the loft and I have a sewing room!  I am especially pleased with the table.  I found it (or rather my other half did) on Ebay 4 minutes before the auction ended and I put in a winning bid for a bargain £51!   We had fun collecting it yesterday and managed to get it into the back of my crossover type vehicle with the help of a lot of rope.  We had the boot lid open all the way home and I was nervously peering out the back to make sure it didn't fall out!

The room doesn't yet have any curtains or a lampshade.   While we were clearing out the room I found a make your own blind kit that my mother gave me so I shall be making a blind at some point!

The Coca Cola picture was a present from my brother for Christmas.  I will get round to hanging it but I actually quite like it leaning against the wall on the floor.

I have a skirt to finish off so I will start sewing in my new room later on today.   It is amazing how many loose threads accumulate around the house when you're sewing something.  I just know there will be constant hoovering but maybe at least the mess can now be confined to this room.  Maybe I should do a Kim and Aggie type catch up post in a few weeks time to see how it's going (and to see if it's still tidy!).  I hope it doesn't prove to be the dearth of productivity!

Happy sewing.

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