Sunday, 19 June 2011

Introducing Katya ...

Look who's arrived in my sewing room:

Meet my sewing assistant, Katya.  Here she is modelling my Jade Crescent skirt accessorised with a tape measure necklace.  My other half surprised me with this gift - I was delighted.  It came with the tape measure in the picture (a lovely soft one) and a hem marker.

As I don't have much room in my sewing room I have moved her into the landing, pictured above.  She is actually quite a nice feature.  I haven't yet used her for fitting or hemming yet.  However one great use that I have discovered is to leave a newly sewn garment hanging overnight.   Amazingly this does a lot to improve the hang of the garment  and any kinks in the hem.

I'm working on my second Crescent Skirt, making up my muslin into a final skirt.  It's looking good so far!  That's where I'm headed now.

Happy Sunday.

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