Friday, 3 June 2011

My Fabric Friday for June

It's the first Friday of the month.  That means it's Dress Down Friday at work and I update my challenge to wear at least one hand made item on these days.  Here is what I wore today snapped just now (around 10.30 pm).

I couldn't be doing with getting the tripod out for this so I balanced the camera on the laundry basket.  I managed to chop my head off but never mind.   The casual photo reflects the purpose of Dress Down Friday!

I wore my "I am Sailing" jersey top made from a Burda pattern.   I have to say this top is worn to death along with my Take Two jersey top and my Burda wrap top.  It is so comfortable and perfect for Dress Down Friday.

Now that we're half way through the year I think it's an apt time to do a stock-take of my self made items.  I will count everything I have made since I unpacked my sewing machine last summer:

1.   Two stuff bags.
2.   A pin cushion
3.   A Vogue dress
4.   A flip flop summer dress
5.   Angela Kane Pinafore dress.
6.   Dotty Betty shift dress.
7.   Angela Kane jersey dress.
8.   My first leggings (and my second and third leggings)
9.   Denim skirt
10. Sparkly Pendrell blouse
11. I am Sailing jersey top
12. Take two jersey top
13. Burda wrap top
14. Here comes the sun top
15. Forever skirt
16. Beach top
17. Crescent skirt muslin (as it's a muslin it doesn't really count but I love it and it will be made into a final skirt at some point).

Wow!  I didn't realise until I did this that it was 17!  Not bad at all.    Out of this list I would say the things that I wear the most often are:

1.  The two Jersey tops.
2.  My black and blue leggings.
3.  Burda wrap top
4.  My denim skirt.
5.  Angela Kane jersey dress
6.  Angela Kane Pinafore

This is based on things that I have worn numerous times - some of them loads, in particular the first 5.

The things I have not yet worn are:

1.  Sparkly Pendrell blouse
2.  Dotty Betty chiffon shift dress

This is not because I don't love them (double negative - I think that means I love them.  Must use three words more often instead of eight).   It's because they are more dressy items, for going out to dinner or to a party and I haven't yet had an occasion to wear them.  They are too nice to just lounge about it.

My Vogue dress was a bit of a disaster.  No I didn't start off on an easy project last summer.  After finishing my pin cushion I bought the most complex pattern in the world and spent a fortune on fabric from John Lewis.  I just smile every time I look at the dress thinking how stupid was.  I hadn't even heard of Angela Kane or her Make a Dress videos when I made that dress.  I hadn't heard of sewing blogs or Burdastyle.  It's funny now to imagine my life then without those things only last year.  I check out Burdastyle and my favourite sewing blogs every day now.   It's a bit like thinking back to the 80s when there were no mobile phones, manual typewriters and telex machines.  Seems like another time and so long ago.

My Forever Skirt and Here Comes the Sun top I have not worn so much, but probably because they are more recent projects.  The Forever Skirt is hard work because it creases so much, but I will still get wear out of it.  My beach top I wore last weekend as well and enjoyed wearing it.

Tasia at Sewaholic wrote a great post this week about finished projects she doesn't love.  She made two lovely things but is thinking about giving them away.  I commented on her blog that we shouldn't beat ourselves up about self made things that we don't wear.  How many ready to wear items have we bought that we don't wear?  As long as we love wearing the majority of the pieces we have made then this is all good.  I'm pleased to say that I enjoy wearing the vast majority of my self stitched clothes.  I can see though how you have to be careful to choose the right things to ensure it will be worn.

The next dress down day is July.  We will be in the depth of summer and  I haven't yet finished anything truly summery.  I need to get going on some summer clothes!  I cut out the pieces for my Crescent skirt yesterday so I hope to start this at the weekend.

I'm falling asleep now so I'll close off.

Happy weekend!

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