Saturday, 25 June 2011

Polka Dot Crescent Skirt

I have now finished my second Crescent Skirt!  I've got a splitting headache but I still managed to get around to a late night photo session.  Here are the pictures.

If this is familiar that's because it's the muslin Crescent Skirt I wrote about a month back using Sewaholic's pattern.   True to my word I unpicked it and sewed it up into a final garment.  I did wonder if the material would be compromised but not a bit.  I gave the pieces a good steam iron and they were good to go.  I love this fabric.  I bought this from Hobbycraft in Norwich.  I liked the colour in the shop but when I got it home I thought it may be a bit stiff.  I'm not sure if this is quilting cotton or not.  Anyway, Tasia is right.  This skirt is great made with quilting cotton (or slightly stiffer cotton).

This is a size 12 with absolutely no alterations.    I turned up the hem about 2 cm rather than the 3.5 cm recommended in the pattern so it wouldn't be so short.  My Jade Crescent skirt was cut about 3 cm longer.   As I wasn't lining the skirt I felt that I didn't need interfacing on both the waistband and the facing.  I cut out interfacing on the facing piece only.

I also french seamed the pockets and the two side seams.  I didn't do any topstitching this time which I think is right for a less stiffer fabric than linen or denim.  I still haven't mastered the zip.  I don't know how they get the material to cover it as I haven't managed to do this very well on either skirt (and on any of my projects to be honest).  I didn't topstitch around the zip either.

I machined the stitch in the ditch on my Jade Crescent skirt (ie sewing the waistband facing to the skirt in the "ditch" between the waistband and the top of the skirt).   This time I didn't have a great matching thread for this skirt so I tested a couple of areas at the back of the skirt using the sewing machine.  Although I did well to get it in the ditch there was an obvious darker line along the waistband where the stitches were.  I have spent an hour  this evening hand sewing in the ditch with tiny stitches.

I used the invisible hem foot again for this skirt.  Even though I didn't have a great matching thread, after a good steam iron the stitching is hardly noticeable.

I had one silly mishap on the way with this skirt.  I sewed the waistband on the wrong way around so the point was facing the top!  It was looking a bit like the new Ginger Skirt waistband from Collette patterns!  I wasn't tempted to try and leave it there so I was very good and unpicked it all!

Apparently it is going to be very hot tomorrow.  Now that the photos are out of the way I'm going to wear the skirt tomorrow!

Happy sewing.

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