Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's not just me

It's been confirmed.  It has officially been the worst summer since 1993.

So disappointing.  It's been my first summer as a sewist.  I was looking forward to wearing my summer Crescent skirts and tops in lovely hot weather.  Apart from one really hot day when I wore my green polka dot Crescent skirt I can't say that there has been a properly hot day.

The early signs were optimistic.  On 23 April 2011 I wrote about the week of lovely weather we were having.   I remember it well.  I was lucky enough to have taken that week off work and we went to Sea Palling beach (wearing my hand stitched denim skirt and leggings I believe).  Next up I made a  beach top.  In that post I wittered on about "warmer weather being upon us" and summer being "just around the corner".  I chose to ignore the visible warning sign in the grey sky that was visible in the picture of me.

I can remember being slightly panicked (as much as you can be panicked in sewing terms) about having no hand sewn summer clothes.   I was obviously expecting a heatwave.  I then proceeded to make a trio of Crescent skirts.  Oh look - on 25 June I wrote about the one hot day we had.   I was right in that post.  The next day was really hot.  We went for a walk along the canal on North Walsham broad wearing my green polka dot Crescent skirt.

By 1 July the weather was on a downhill cycle.  Here's me on 1 July moaning about how cold it was.   Here's me on 9 July moaning some more about the weather.    I'm at it again on 6 August.  By that time I wrote that I had given up on the summer.  On 14 August I described the weather as atrocious and was thinking about sewing Autumn clothes.   I think you get the picture.  It's a shame because I really wanted to start the Lonsdale dress but I feel it would be a wasted effort for something I will not be able to wear until next year.

On the plus side I have made a head start on my casual summer wardrobe for next year.   Oh and the main thing - I have had loads of fun making all these garments.  Even if I have been cold on the days when I have ventured out in them!

Happy sewing.  Bonne couture.  Glucklich nahen.

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