Friday, 2 September 2011

My Fabric Friday for September

It's the first Friday of the month which means it's dress down day at work.  I wear at least one handmade items to work on this day.   Here is the photo for today snapped about 10 minutes ago at around 1.10 am in the morning!

Today I wore my Burda wrap top.  I wear this top all the time and in fact it is the only handmade item I wear to work.  I hadn't worn it earlier in the week as my shift dresses and suits were at the dry cleaners so I had to find other things to wear.  By the time Friday came it was still clean so I was able to wear it today.   I did want to wear my Here Comes the Sun top underneath but it was in the wash.

When I came down in this outfit this morning my other half asked me if I wanted to change it.  I asked why thinking that he was going to say it didn't look right or wasn't right for work.  He said because you're not wearing a handmade item!   The first time someone has thought what I'm wearing is shop bought (even though he should have known I had made this).

I have to say this top is great and have worn it loads of times (as I said - I wear it every week).  This means I wash it every week and it still looks good.  I now have some more wool jersey earmarked it to make another one of these.

I'm happy today because I now have two whole weeks off work!   I was at work until around 10 pm finishing off and clearing the decks, which is why I was late taking this picture.  I'm actually not very tired at the moment and it's now 1.30 am.

What's more it is going to be hot tomorrow and so I can wear one of my summer makes!  Someone up there must have been listening to my rant about the weather.

I will be finishing off my second shift dress this weekend.  It's looking good so far

Happy sewing.

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