Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Fabric Friday for October

Time to update my progress on My Fabric Friday for October.  This is where I wear at least one hand stitched item to work on dress down Friday which happens once a month.   I have no photographic evidence of what I wore last Friday.   I took photos of my Pink Sailboat top when I got in and didn't have the energy to photograph what I wore as well.

As usual I wore my jeans.  Yes I might get around to wearing something other than jeans on these days.  It's funny because I hardly ever wear jeans at the weekends so if it weren't for dress down Friday they would hardly get worn!  I wore my fabulous Here Comes The Sun top underneath a navy blue quite fitted jumper.   It was a sort of layering look, with the blouse untucked and showing below the jumper.  I first wore this combination a few months back and have worn it a few times.   I like it.  I will probably wear it again so it's likely I'll post a picture of it at some point.

Onto other sewing related news.  Last weekend I went to see my parents in the South East.  On the way back I stopped at Ikea at Lakeside.   I bought some curtains for my sewing room and a curtain rail.  I realise I can and probably should make curtains. However I haven't made curtains before so I'm not sure how long they take.  Making curtains would also cut into valuable clothes sewing time.   I'd rather spend the precious little free time I have sewing clothes and so this has taken priority.

Anyway look what else I got for my sewing room.

A swivel chair!  It's so comfortable.  I used to have a hefty dining chair which was always hurting my legs because it was so heavy to move around and had sharp edges.  No more!   My carpet won't like those wheels but you can't have everything.

I asked my mother if she still had any of her old sewing patterns.  She went to have a look back and came back with all her knitting patterns.  My goodness it was strange looking at things that I can remember from years and years ago!  There were a few 80s knitting patterns that I picked for my mother to make me.  I'll have to photograph them next time I'm there.

Anyway in among the knitting patterns was one sewing pattern:

I couldn't remember this at all and I asked my mother if she made this for someone else.  She said she wouldn't have been sewing it for anyone else!  It's strange because now that I've seen the pattern I think I can remember it - in green fabric, just like in the pattern picture!

We then got talking about photos of the things my mother made for me.  There aren't many kiddie photos of me but I think there should be some of me in mum-made clothes.  If I can't find any others, then I have at least one such photo:

This photo cube is in my living room.  I got the cube for my 6th birthday and it still has the same photos that my mum put in when I got it. One of those photos happens to be a picture of me and my younger brother.  I'm wearing a long party dress my mum made me.  I forgot that it had Pendrell-style ruffle sleeves!  It also had a big patch pocket on the front with a red felt apple!  I tried to open the box to remove the photo but I couldn't do it.  I decided not to risk breaking it just for the blog!

Happy sewing.

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