Friday, 25 November 2011

Versatile Blogger Award ... and other stuff

I've got a few things to cover today so this post may go on for a bit.

Thank you again to Ginger Makes for tagging me for the Versatile Blogger award.  My first award - how exciting!

A challenge for someone could be to follow the chain back in time to see where the award first came from.  Does anyone know?  If nothing else you're bound to discover some great new blogs.

The rules are:

- Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post;

- Share seven things about yourself on your blog; and

- Pass this award along to recently discovered blogs.

Seven things coming up!

1.  I'm tall.  I always thought I was 5 foot 11 inches but I'm in fact 6 foot and a half inch. I hated it when I was younger but don't mind now. Surprisingly I don't like wearing flats unless they're with jeans or are summer sandals. I usually wear shoes with a heel of around 2 inches but it's hard to find shoes that don't have enormous heels.

2.  I worked in London for 8 years in the 90s. I saw quite a few celebrities of the time including Jason Donavan, Kylie Minogue, Joanna Lumley, Victoria Beckham (in her Spice Girl days) and Belinda Carlisle.   Jason was playing Joseph in the Amazing Techni-coloured Dreamcoat so was still in his extremely good looking phase. Kylie's initial pop career had considerably cooled when I saw her, but she looked very glam and pretty.

3. The most famous person I saw was Princess Diana in 1995 in the strangest of circumstances given who she was.  I was ambling along Burlington Gardens with a friend (in the West End where I worked). The street was not particularly busy. Coming towards us from Bond Street was a woman in a bright pink suit. As she got closer I realised who she was but my friend and I carried on casually walking and talking as we had been. I said: “Is this Lady Di?” and my friend said “Yeah” just as casually. As she walked past I smiled at her and she smiled back out of the corner of her eye with her head down. A man in a suit who I assume was her bodyguard then rushed toward us. It was some time before the man appeared so it was amazing to see her on her own for that short space of time. I looked behind and she went into Cecconi's restaurant in Burlington Gardens with the man following behind. We couldn't believe it!

4.  I worked on the top floor of an office in London which looked onto the rooftop of the old Apple building (the Beatles' record label) in Saville Row. This was where the Beatles did their rooftop concert in 1969.

5.  I fell out of the family car when I was 3 years old and still have the scar on my chin from the stitches I had.  I can still remember it clearly.  Luckily for me it wasn't a busy road and the car wasn't going fast. After that my parents put child locks on the car well into our teens!

6.  I was in the audience for a recording of Top of the Pops in 1991, the music show that started in the 60s and ended a few years ago. Thanks to You Tube I've found some footage of the young me clapping away and dancing like a muppet!

7.   I have quite a few style icons but the most enduring for me have to be Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Here are just some great blogs that I like to read:

Just Skirts and Dresses

Toferet's Empty Bobbin.

Fashion Sewing Blog.

Pattern Junkie. 

Where mean comments go to die 

The hair hall of fame

(I've veered away from sewing with the last two!)

Onto other news and I haven't yet updated my Fabric Friday challenge for November. This is where I wear at least one hand-stitched item to work on dress down Friday which happens monthly. I have in fact already posted what I wore in November -  my black hoody top. I photographed it for this finished project post when I got home.

The next dress down day is next Friday.  However I'm off work that day so my Fabric Friday challenge has officially ended for this year!  My thoughts?  Well, it wasn't exactly a hard challenge.  I've comfortably kept it up.  In fact, although I haven't officially monitored this, I do believe I have worn self-stitched items every weekend this year.  (Apart from gardening of course).  This has also extended to weekdays I've had off work.

Although I've comfortably kept up with the challenge, I haven't ventured far beyond wearing tops with my jeans.  I will definitely keep up the challenge next year but I should try and stretch myself and wear something other than jeans.  I think I'll also start keeping track of what I wear at the weekends or in my own time so see if any patterns emerge in what I like wearing, what's the most comfortable etc.

Finally, Debi over at My Happy Sewing Place is doing a Sew Grateful challenge this week.  I haven't had time to do a project but I can reflect on what I'm grateful for in my first year of sewing.   Firstly, I have a bookmarks folder "Sewing Techniques" which is packed with loads of techniques I've found from the many generous people on the internet.  

Special mention has to go to Angela Kane and her brilliant Make a Dress videos.  Back in the halcyon days of October 2010 before I knew about sewing blogs and Burdastyle, these videos were the first thing I found after making a hash of my first sewing project.  I watched them all the way through way and took notes before making up the Pinafore dress myself.  It's worthwhile taking the time to write notes so you don't miss all the tips being thrown in.  Things like tying all your loose ends up as you go along.  An easy idea and one you wouldn't think was worth mentioning. Nevertheless this was not something I had ever thought of and is something I always do.  Once you've sewn your last seam you're ready to go instead of having to go back and tie a million loose ends!

Special thanks also to Sewaholic for her wonderful sew-a-long posts.   Hers was one of the first blogs I found last year when I started to sew.

Happy sewing.


  1. Very cool list of things about you! I especially love the part where you saw Princess Di! So much fun!

  2. Thank you Debi! Yes it was a great moment and all the more poignant and special given what happened to her.

  3. Love hearing these stories! It's fun to hear more about you!

  4. Thanks gingermakes! I love reading everyone's stories as well. This was fun to do.