Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Failed Top ... and Sewing Treats

I had intended to do a round up / review type post on Saturday but I've been so busy doing nothing very much really apart from relaxing, sewing and enjoying the big day itself. I hope you've had a wonderful time too.

Instead of a round up post I thought I would talk about the failed top I mentioned in my Petal Skirt post. Here is the muslin.

I used pattern number 114A from the November 2011 edition of Burda. This is what the top is supposed to look like according to the Burda picture.

I'm sorry Burda but how is your pattern supposed to be the same as the picture?   I like mine from the bust down but the picture had me believe the top would have a nice, fairly deep V shaped neckline. I was slightly disappointed to find the neckline may smother me if I was to fall asleep in it.

I could alter the neckline but this is not what I was expecting from a pattern described as easy.   I have found some made-up versions of the top on the web and on Burdastyle.  Other people seem happy enough with the pattern but even on those the neckline is much higher than on the Burda picture.  

As I like the top from the bust down I had to mull over whether to continue.   I also had a bit of an issue with the front of the top.  There are two front pattern pieces that lie over each other to make the V shaped neckline.  I don't really want to add bulk to my frame at the top half.  This wouldn't have been a major issue but it would have niggled me.  The pattern calls for "fine knit" fabrics and I just can't find this sort of thing. 

Anyway, the beauty of making a muslin is not feeling so bad when abandoning it (although I was slightly annoyed as I had spent time tracing out the pattern).

On the plus side I see that my Petal skirt also goes with red!  Light grey is such a versatile colour! 

My sewing Christmas treats so far:

I've joined the Colette club!  I've already bought the Colette sewing book and I ordered these beauties from Colette's Black Friday sale.  I ordered them at the end of November and received them just before Christmas so you can imagine it was a bit of a Christmas treat.

On my last day at work before Christmas I decided to treat myself to this:

I've had fun working through little swatches with the different stitches (with a little help from You Tube).  It's not a good idea to buy yourself sewing treats just before Christmas if you have a partner wondering what to buy you.  Mine wasn't at all happy. Sewers are difficult to buy for apparently! To be fair on me I did ask for the Burdastyle sewing book but it turns out this is not available in the UK until January 2012.  

I'm off to see my parents some time this week and I think I'll wear my Petal skirt.  My mum loves seeing all my hand made clothes.  Last time I took down a batch of handmade garments for her to look at.  For her Christmas present she requested a handmade skirt from me to make for her in 2012!  I have bought her some lovely fabric which I will wrap up and give to her and then take back with me to make into a skirt!  

I haven't had any sewing presents from others so far.  One of my chaps's presents to me was book shaped.  He's got hold of the Burdastyle book I thought!  I excitedly unwrapped it and found .... the Knitting Book I had just bought!  That made me laugh but I've taken the hint.  

Happy sewing!


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