Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook

I now have the Burdastyle sewing handbook! This is all the more special because I won it in the Burdastyle Day 29 giveaway! The question was about sewing plans for the new year.  I said I would make the Macaron dress, the Minoru jacket and a pencil skirt. 

I wasn't expecting to win at all and in fact this was the only December giveaway I entered. I got an email from Burdastyle on 2 January and I replied straightaway with my address. When the book hadn't arrived by the end of January I sent an email.  This did the trick because the book arrived yesterday.  Maybe it's bad form to chase a giveaway prize but because it was Burdastyle I thought a nudge wouldn't hurt.

Here's the lovely book:

I debated about ordering this one when it came out last November.  I wasn't sure about some of the patterns and I felt the Colette patterns were more me. As it turned out I didn't have to order it! I spent the gloriously sunny (but cold) morning yesterday reading through the book.  It's a wonderful book and I would totally recommend it.  It was fun looking at the member variations and seeing who I recognised from the site! 

I like the skirt and the dress patterns.  Here's the skirt:

 An underskirt and an overlay with a cute scallop hem.  Perfect for the summer.

I also like the dress:

 The dress (the white one on the right) is an under dress with an overlay.  Ruffly necklines aren't usually my thing but I might try this one.  I also love Casey's variation - the red sailor dress in the middle.

The coat is nice as well but a bit advanced for me at the moment.  I'm not keen on the blouse.  A bit too much material going on for me.  I would only consider making it into a dress. I'm not interested in sewing a bag but they're fun to look at.

Look what else they threw in:

There's a measurements chart, some Mettler thread, a pen and a Burdastyle badge (with a picture of a button on). I usually use Gutterman thread.  I grabbed one of the Mettlers when I run out of black today and noticed it was much thinner than Gutterman.  I decided not to use it.  Maybe the finer thread is for use with finer fabric.

I'm delighted with my prize and I'm looking forward to making up some of the patterns.

Happy sewing.


  1. Yay! A prize! I like the dress, the skirt, and the bag patterns. I like the coat, but it seems too advanced for me, too. Like you, the shirt isn't really my style, although I'm considering Novita's variation. It probably wouldn't be very flattering on me, but it might be a nice cool top for hot summer days.

    Question, though-- I've been looking over the skirt pattern, and it seems like the overlay pattern pieces aren't actually scalloped. Am I crazy? It looks like they just used a lace fabric that happened to have a scalloped edge, and it would be hard to replicate those results. :(

    1. It's exciting to win something! I didn't realise you had the book as well. I'm looking forward to your versions. From memory Novita's variation flares out and is fairly long. I never want to add width to my top half so all the variations are out for me. It will look nice on you though as it does on Novita. Ha ha - no I didn't realise that about the skirt! You've burst the bubble (and maybe a bit of a con on Burda's part?) You're right though. Although a scalloped stencil would be easy enough to create (I have the Meringue) it would be difficult to hem without a scalloped facing which would add bulk to an overlay. Hmm I'll have to think about it.