Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Swiss Dot Lonsdale

I've now finished my second Lonsdale dress! Here are the pictures.

I did brush my hair - honest!

I'm doing a rare weekday post so that I can start wearing it at the weekend.  We have a bank holiday coming up and an extra one on Tuesday for the Queen's Jubilee.  I've just checked the weather at the Met Office though and it looks as though it's going to be cold. I may not be wearing it after all.

I love this fabric.  It is a cotton Swiss dot in a beige colour. Here's a close up:

I first saw the fabric last August while fabric shopping for the Lonsdale I was going to make then. I thought this would be perfect so I took the bolt up to the sales desk. When the sales girl opened it out there were black marks on it. She kept un-rolling and there were marks all over it. I decided against buying it and so my Lonsdale plans were put on hold.

I went fabric shopping a couple of weeks ago and was delighted to see the fabric was still there. I think it was the same bolt from last summer but it had gone down a bit. I decided to buy it anyway. There were black marks on the fabric still and so I was given the whole bolt for the price of 2 meters. I think it was meant to be! All the black marks came out in the pre-wash so it's all good.

I made the dress in the same way as my pink gingham version. The only change was that I hemmed the dress at 2.5 cm instead of 3.5 cm. A centimetre hardly makes a difference but it was easier to hem the wide circle-like skirt with a narrower hem.

The lining is from my stash and it's not very nice at all. It's a bit like plastic, like the lining inside a make up bag! I wasn't going to line the skirt but the fabric was a bit see through. I thought the lining would make the skirt look stiff but I think it looks alright. It's fun to run down the stairs in the dress. The lining flares out and fills with air!  I was going to make the skirt lining a bit straighter to try and reduce bulk but I went with duplicating the skirt in the end. I quite like this and I think it will keep me cool because the lining keeps everything away from my legs!

I didn't sort out fitting the bodice properly at the top. It's still a little big there but I'm not too bothered. On my next dress though I must make more of an effort with the fitting process!

I'm so pleased with the dress. I particularly love the fabric and I think it makes the dress versatile. It's a relaxed, casual fabric for day wear but can be easily dressed up for the evening.

I haven't decided what to make next. It'll either be a top or a Cambie dress.  I think I should have a few sewing-free days though so I can catch up on boring paperwork and pay some bills!

Happy sewing.


  1. I love this! I'm so glad you made another! And I am excited to see your version of the Cambie dress-- it's such a sweet style!

    1. Thanks gingermakes! I'm excited to start the Cambie - so many great versions around.

  2. Oh swiss dot is so lovely! I would love to use it one day. This is elegantly understated! So nice!

    1. Thanks Johanna! I love Swiss dot as well. It's quite hard to find apparently! They only had this one in the shop I went to.