Sunday, 16 September 2012

Darling Ranges Muslin and no time to sew ....

I've been doing a lot of DIY recently so I haven't had time to do a lot of sewing.  More on that in a bit but first I thought I would show you the Darling Ranges muslin I was working on before the DIY blitz.  Here's a picture:

I cut out the size that closely matched my measurements.  I even sewed in the bias binding on the muslin neckline and the self-faced button band.  This was partly because I was interested to see how the binding went on and interacted with the self-faced button band. I love how it works - so clever. 

Anyway the dress was a bit tight so I unpicked it and sewed it with a 1/4 inch seam allowance and this was better.  I love how the dress looks - especially the shape.  It is such an unusual silhouette and one I haven't sewn before. I didn't see that I would have much need for the ties at the back of the dress as it looked shaped enough in the size I cut.  I was happy except for .... the darts!  They're just too high.  I've put pins in the picture where my bust should be and you can see from the shadows where the dart ends. I worked out that if I moved the dart lower I would have to increase the size of the shoulder area of the bodice. I was at a crossroads thinking, should I make those adjustments (not really knowing what I'm doing), cut out a bigger size and see if the problem persists or just abandon it.  Because I like the shape of the dress I didn't want to abandon it.  I leaned towards cutting a bigger size.  So that's presently where I am with it.

Anyway - the DIY.  I have a flat in the south east that I let out. The tenants moved out recently and I'm completely refurbishing it - myself with a lot of help from my chap.  The kitchen and the bathroom haven't been done since the 1980's - an avocado suit and the like.  Being a 1980's build it hardly has any plug sockets so we're adding more. I have learned so much about DIY and electrical installations (fused spurs, the ring main - get me!).  I've also had the joy of reading (and not understanding) the electrical wiring regulations.  I'm known as a DIYer and so anything other than minor electrical work has to be notified to the local authority. I've done this and so we'll be seeing an inspector to discuss our plans. 

I thought I'd better draw up some plans for the wiring. I've used the draw application for this.  It took me ages to work out how to use it but I'm quite pleased with how they look. I'm going a bit overboard with this - you name it there's a plan for it!

Anyway this is what is taking up a lot of my free time at the moment.  I hope to be back sewing as soon as possible as I really miss it!  I'm still floating around looking at all your blogs and commenting as usual.  

Bye for now!