Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Lapped zipper with lining tutorial

I originally posted this tutorial on 31 December 2019 but I noticed recently that it was missing from the blog so I am writing it again.

When making my Simplicity 2451 skirt, view C, I decided to tackle a lapped zipper for the first time.  As I was lining the skirt I wanted to figure out how to cleanly attach the lining.  With a lot of help from Kathleen Fansella's lapped zipper and facing tutorial and Nancy Zieman's lapped zipper tutorial, I managed to figure this out.  When creating a sample I made a tutorial.  Here is the final sample:

Front view

Back view
Pretty nifty huh?  I finished the skirt (in black cord) some time ago and I love it.   I am wearing it as we speak as the weather in the UK has turned a bit chilly. 

Anyway, the tutorial can be found here on my Dropbox storage.   Enjoy!