Thursday, 12 May 2022

Drops Aredhel Jacket

 I've just finished another jacket! 

 I had been wearing my hooded Cable yoke sweater a lot so decided to make another hooded jacket.  I decided on the lovely Drops Aredhel pattern which I already had in my favourites.   


This was a surprisingly quick make, for me anyway.  I started at the beginning of January and probably finished it at the end of March.  By 8 April 2022, I had sewn on the buttons and was waiting for a chance to photograph it before wearing it.                       
I used Drops Andes Super Bulky Yarm in twilight blue, a mix of 65% wool, 35% alpaca                       
I used a 7 mm needle.   In the pattern they said to use a larger needle (8mm) for the body and smaller for the garter edging.  The pattern for my Cable yoke sweater said the same but I ended up using the smaller needle for everything.  I have decided to do the same here and used a 7mm needle throughout.                   

I converted this to knit in one piece rather than individual pieces.  This was relatively easy to do.  There are 2 vents at the side and the pattern is knit bottom up.  I had to knit the bottom 3 pieces separately up to the top of the vent (around 7 inches)  and then join to knit the body in one piece from there.   The edging bands are knitted all at the same time (no picking up stitches to knit the bands after).   

The jacket has a nice skirt coat style.  The bottom half is stockinette.  There are gentle decreases to just above the waist where this is a nice garter stitch pattern.  After the waist garter stitch pattern,  the upper fronts and back are knit in purl stich.  All the edging bands are knit in garter stitch throughout.   The garter stitch pattern at the waist is also repeated just above the sleeve cuffs. 

As I was knitting in one piece, I picked up stitches at the armholes and knit the sleeves down (rather than knitting flat as in the pattern).

The hood is wonderful and easy to knit.  It has a nice cute shape as well, like a little elf.  There is also a nice little pattern at the top centre join as well (you can't really see this on my photos as the pattern is on the top of my head when the hood is up).  I used kitchener stitch to join the top of the hood, the first time I have used that method.

This is the first time doing the dropped shoulder style.   I am used to casting on stitches for the under arm (or casting off the under arm stitches or putting them on hold depending which way you are knitting).  Anyway, you don't need to do this for dropped shoulders, and I think the pattern had the equivalent of 1 to 2 under arm stitches.  I was always wary of the dropped shoulder style thinking it would look baggy and be uncomfortable.  This was not the case at all.  The dropped shoulder style gives a nice clean look at the front and is not uncomfortable in the least.   The sleeves are just the right fit, on the slim side how I like them.

I added a third buttonhole, instead of two as in the pattern.  (I don't understand why they only put 2 buttonholes on the pattern).  

I found some nice large buttons in my collection which matches this project perfectly.   I was going to use some spare wooden toggles I have but the round buttons give this a nice vintage feel.

I am delighted with the jacket.  I think it is one of the best things I have made.  Such a simple but lovely pattern.

Happy knitting!